Sparkle is one of our sweetest females. Her bright orange coat, and deep brown stripes accentuate her type. She is an excellent example of a Toyger with the 'whitted' under belly.
The eyes really do say it all. Toygers have the most exquisite eyes with colors ranging from green to gold. This Silver male shows us some gorgeous shades of green!
Ramar O' The Jungle is one of our best males. His deep orange coloring and black stripes make him exactly what we look for in a quality Toyger. His personality is unmatched; super friendly with a playful streak! Look for kittens from Ramar very soon.
Silk Ribbon is one of our white Toygers. She was one of our stars featured on Animal Planet's series Too Cute! Silk has a wonderful personality; very sweet-natured and playful. She now resides in Florida, if you are interested in babies from her, email Stacey at

We have been located in southern New Jersey for over 20 years. Call, text or email us today to learn more about our cats!


Pat Killmaier
New Jersey


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