Aluren Toygers

Pat at Aluren has been breeding cats since 1979 and runs a TICA inspected and approved cattery. She became interested in the Toyger in 2000 when she visited the breeds creator, Judy Sugden in California several years ago. Her wonderful program and cats were truly inspiring!


Aluren Toygers TICA Award


Thank you to T.I.C.A. judges. You made Aluren's Tantoo, Best Brown Mackerel Tabby, Toyger of the Year! We are honored.

The Toyger is a breed of cat bred to resemble a ‘toy’ tiger. The laid back, easily trained character of these cats make them a joy to live with.

The call of the wild right in your living room; that’s the Toyger with its dramatic striped and glittered pelt. The Toyger is being bred to resemble the tigers of the wild but in a package that fits easily into the modern urban lifestyle with the same nature as the domestic cat. The medium-sized cat has the rolling gait and vivid striped patterns of the wild cats without a single drop of real tiger blood. These miniature tigers are friendly, outgoing cats that delight in being with their human companions.

A young breed, the Toyger is in development as breeders work to replicate the pattern and colors of the tiger with ever-increasing accuracy. Tigers are an endangered species in the wild and many of the Toyger breeders are also very concerned about conserving the beautiful wild species that cats are created to resemble.

Below is Aluren’s stud Toyger, Velocity. 

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